Testimonial #1

Thank you for the opportunity to receive this award at my commencement ceremony! This will help me so much through my first year at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland where I'll be in Medical School.
Thank you for the support!
Sincerely, Mackenzie Jordan

Testimonial #2

Dr's and staff of Dentistry @ Brockville
We, Highway Church Family, would like to express our sincere thanks for your great donation of the dental supplies for our Big Give event. We had 755 attend, an increase of 155 from last year plus 55 volunteers. Your donation helped to bless our comunity and make the success of the day great.
Thank you again so much for your willingness to a part of this community event.
Sincerely, Pam de Vries

Testimonial #3

Dr G,
Thank you very much for your generous bursary. I was shocked and surprised to see you up on stage last night, but I could not have imagined accepting and award from a more influential mentor. I am so fortunate and appreciative to be apart of your team. I have trully been given an experience that very few 17 year olds can say they've ever had, and from the bottom of my heart I am trully gratefull. Though I will be leaving for Western in the fall, I will miss coming to work more than you know. I know I will continue to stay in touch with everyone in the office, and hope to be a part of the team for many years to come. Thank you for this incredible experience and for supporting me along the way.
Sincerely, Shauna Morell

Testimonial #4

Dear Dr Sandhu
Thank you so much for the Dentistry of Brockville award. I am very grateful for your contribution to my school, St Mary CHS, and to me. This money will be put toward my university education. I will be attending the University of British Columbia next year. My plan is to specialize in Microbiology and Immunology with a minor in Indigenous Studies. I hope to pursue a carrer in medical research. Again, I thank you for your generosity. I am very excited to begin this chapter of my life and I really appreciate this award.
Kind regards, Hannah Doyle

Testimonial #5

"I just want to mention as well, the dentist who did the work to my mouth did an absolutely amazing job!! I don't know her name (Dr. Grewal), but, she was awesome and my mouth looks and feels fantastic!! If you could just let her know that I am super impressed and will no longer be quite so apprehensive to visit. I am so thrilled with the service I received, I'm literally suggesting strongly to my 250 cupe members that they give your office a try. Very impressed for sure!"

Testimonial #6

"I expect that many people would hesitate going down the road of implants. However after experiencing decades of loose dentures, I have finally come to enjoy firmly fitting dentures with the implant procedure. I fully recommend the process. I now have well fitting dentures with both top and bottom implants. Thank you to the team!"

Testimonial #7

"Painless and went very well. It was much better than expected!"

Testimonial #8

"Dr. Raja Sandhu and entire practice are a cohesive team that prioritizes your health, confidence, and comfort above all. During the past year, I have used Dr. Raja's expertise in order to decide which services were best for me - I decided to move forward with dental implants. The advancement of dental technology is impressive; dental implants are no longer complicated and expensive - but rather a great solution to bettering both your dental health and confidence in your smile. The procedure is fast and effective, with minimal recovery time. It works so well that you are now chewing food properly, your smile is improved, and you have the confidence to face the public again."

Testimonial #9

"Thank you Dr Raja for fixing my smile, I can now eat, talk and smile without worry pain or being embarrassed."

Testimonial #10

"My teeth were a mess and I was very unhappy with the suggested treatments I had been offered. Miserable,I called Dentistry@Brockville and arranged a consultation with Dr.Raja Sandhu for a third opinion. It was the best move I could have made. The cost was at first hard to fathom but deciding that my teeth were an accessory that I would wear for the rest of my life,I agreed to the treatment plan that he clearly explained and we had discussed . It did not happen overnight and there were bumps along the way but each time Dr.Sandhu or one of his staff stepped in and helped with whatever problem I had incurred and I was never without teeth. Finally,the day came when I received my forever teeth and the happiness that flooded my body was amazing.I am smiling all the time and eating my favourite foods again such as corn on the cob. If you find yourself in the same place that I was in,I strongly recommend Dr.Raja Sandhu and his entire team to you because I know from personal experience what a difference he can make.Now,I am the person with absolutely,beautiful teeth and who cannot stop smiling.Thank you,Dr.Raja Sandhu and your entire team in helping to make this happen. C.W"

Testimonial #11

"My experience at Dentistry at Brockville has been more than I could ever expect. Having a major dental procedure was incredibly nerve racking for me, and the staff treated me like I was part of their family. They made me feel comfortable, and they genuinely care about their patients. They go the extra mile to ensure their patients receive the care they need. I highly recommend Dentistry at Brockville, you will not be disappointed in the care you receive. This will continue to be the only dental office I visit. J.C"

Testimonial #12

"I would highly recommend this office and Dr. R Sandhu. I have gotten implant supported dentures which has improved my quality of life, I can eat good. I am very happy and have been welcomed to return anytime for adjustments".

Testimonial #13

"I love getting my teeth cleaned, especcially since I have braces. I always go to Angie, she's the best. I will wait to see Angie because she knows what my route is, and how much I care about my teeth. I like the feeling that I'm a person and not a number there. Everyone is very nice."

Testimonial #14

"I always feel comfortable when I visit Dentistry @ Brockville. The staf is always friendly and helpful. I see Dr. G for my braces and I feel very confident putting my trust in him. His assistant Stephanie is always friendly and takes time to answer any questions I have. I would definitely recommend this office to all my friends!"

Testimonial #15

"All of the hygienists that we have had experiences with at Dentistry @ Brockville have been great but I would like to mention Megan specifically. At my daughter's recent appointment Megas was very patient with her and explained everything she was doing. My daughter is a little nervous with dental woek but Megan made her feel comfortable and I plan to request her for all my daughter's future cleaning appointments."

Testimonial #16

"I was very happy with my recent visit to Dentistry @ Brockville. All the staff are always very friendly & professional. I had a bad experience as a child with a different dental office and the staff at Dentistry @ Brockville always do their best to make me feel as comfortable as possible."

Testimonial #17

"My experience was extremly good. I thanks everyone in this clinic. With Trus and Honest. Thank you!"

Testimonial #17

To Dr Sandhu and Staff
Many thanks for giving me my fantastic smile that I have been waiting 30 years for. My friends and family can't believe how nice of a smile I have now, And I can finally bite an apple! I am very happy!!

Testimonial #18

I started out with a lot of anxiety about the implant procedure, but it was quickly over come by Dr. Raja Sandhu's professionalism and gentle informative manner. This turned out to be a very positive experience!! Tracy Dr. Sandhus assistant helped add to my comfort and put me at ease.

Testimonial #19

Dr. R. Sandhu
I want to tell you how much I enjoy my new dental implants. best thing I ever did! When you first spoke to me about it, I thought it was a joke and my mind immediately went to NO WAY! I was convinced it was to expensive and I was not going through such a scary process! I ended up watching the process on the tv in the waiting room. Very good advertisement because it convinced me to go with the implants - seemed like the best investment.

I remember watching you work with a mirror and I was very very impressed with how much care you gave me and the expertise you demonstrated. I don't remember feeling any pain at all.
You and you team are so professional, kind , patient and caring throughout the whole procedure, its great!

Now I have wonderful teeth (implants) that properly balance out my mouth and it makes me feel great.
You were right, it is the best investment I could have made.

This will last the rest of my life.
My mouth is finally feeling great again.
Thank you so very much, Dr.Sandhu and Team, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

Testimonial #20

"My new teeth have made it possible to return to eating foods I use to enjoy and also enjoying other foods prepared the way I like as opposed to them being ruined by having to prepare them soft and mushy. Even more importantly being able to chew properly makes digestion of all the foods easier and I have reduced gas and stomach pain."